The Pen software for Presenting and Teaching

Rediscover the power of the pen
Put your energy on your message, not on using a tool... The simplicity of a white board combined with interactivity.

tabletpc, graphics tablet, interactive whiteboard

The Power of The Web At Your Fingertips

apps and web browser

Easily Record And Share Your Session
Get your message across by recording your explanation while your write and draw. Out-of-the-box publishing on YouTube.

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Uniboard software overview

enhance your content

  • Import all your work

    Easily integrate any documents (PDF, PPT…)
  • Integrated Web browser

    Access and capture any web page content without leaving Uniboard
  • The power of the pen

    Annotate, draw, highlight
  • Apps library

    Google maps, Wikipedia, YouTube embed and many more Apps available

captivate your audience

  • Live communication

    Enhance and enrich your content while you are presenting
  • Podcast (beta)

    Out-of-the-box video recording and publishing of your content
  • Show only what is needed

    Don’t distract your audience with tools and menus – project your content only
  • Use rich content

    Add interactive content directly from the Web


  • Works with any pen device

    Tablet PC, Interactive Whiteboards, graphics tablets, touch screens…
  • Open

    Uniboard uses an open format, freeing content from proprietary strongholds
  • Extend Uniboard

    Create your own Apps based on open standards Discover how
  • Start without training

    Uniboard looks like a whiteboard, not like a complex software

and much more...

  • Unlimited page size
  • Document autosave
  • Quick view and access to your Uniboard documents
  • Infinite vector zoom
  • Great quality of writing
  • Integrated document management
  • Dynamic screen management
  • Uniboard virtual printer
  • Available in 8 languages

What others are saying about Uniboard...

“Flexible, alive, interactive... Teaching with Uniboard opens new horizons in the interaction with students."
Prof. Jean-Pierre Danthine, University professor

“The fact that Uniboard is so easy to use has been the main reason for the acceptance of the system. Everybody here at our school appreciates this new way of teaching."
Thierry Maire, High school director

“I teach Mathematics & Statistics online in video format with Uniboard. Students claim it changes the online experience from an independent study to a classroom experience at home."
Al Maturo, math teacher

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