Apple Retina Macbook Pro – A Gadget You Just Cannot Resist

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The Retina Macbook Pro from Apple
The Retina Macbook Pro from Apple
Apple always manages to stun the people who think what new Apple can offer. One of their latest launches in the notepad series is the Apple Retina Macbook pro. There are primarily two versions of the notepad, the 13-inch and the 15-inch notepad preceded by Macbook pro. Here are some of the key features to watch out for in Apple Retina Macbook pro.

Retina display- Multimillion-pixel view

The key feature to note in the latest version of the Macbook pro series is the display, which is loaded with 2560 x 1600 resolutions in the 13-inch version and 2880 x 1800 resolutions in the 15-inch model. This makes the pixel count a little over whopping four million, two million pixels more than an HDTV. As a result, you have absolutely pin-sharp pictures. Colors are very rich and vibrant without being oversaturated. Additionally, it has IPS technology that gives you a 178-degree view of everything on the screen. A must for all photographers, the retina display reduces the glare on the screen making the pictures come out more alive without compromising on the minute details.

Power and performance

Excellent power and performance
Excellent power and performance
The new versions of Macbook pro are loaded with fourth generation Intel dual-core i5 and quad-core i7 processors making it extremely high-performance machines. Additionally, it has speeds up to 2.8 GHz that can be turbo boosted up to 3.3 GHz. Add all of this up with hyper-threading technology that lets each core handle multiple tasks simultaneously and what you get is an ultra fast machine ready to do anything and everything for you. The 15-inch has an even powerful quad-core Intel i7 processor and speeds up to 3.8 GHz through turbo boosts. The RAM of the Macbook pro Retina version has been upgraded from the 8GB of its predecessor to 16GB.

Iris graphics and Iris pro graphics for flawless visuals

graphics for flawless visuals
graphics for flawless visuals
The 13-inch Macbook pro has Iris graphics and the even more powerful 15-inch has Iris pro graphics. This is another addition from its predecessor as it has the Intel HD graphics 4000, same as Macbook Air. Needless to say, the new Iris and Iris pro graphics boosts the performance even further. Scrolling through some old photos or playing a high-end game will be fun on the hi-tech notepad. The graphics and resolutions of the screen are so high that some of the websites actually show blurry logos.

The Retina Macbook pro is not only high in performance but it is also much lighter than the regular Apple notepads. However, it does not beat the Macbook Air in weight but is a very good option for people who do not want to compromise on the performance at the cost of it being lightweight. If you are a photographer, graphics designer, or in filmmaking, this is one gadget, you will find tough to resist. However, before you jump off your couch to pick one, note that it is about 100 dollars more expensive than the regular Macbook pro 13-inch version.

Is Your Crush Straight Or Gay? Read To Find Out

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How to be sure about his sexual preferences
How to be sure about his sexual preferences

So you’ve been dating this guy you really like for quite some time now, and you can’t help but notice something strange about them that make you a little uncomfortable. One of the hardest things for girls is to know whether their crush likes them back, but it is also very hard to determine whether the guy they like is gay. Or if you’re one of those girls who can only look at their crushes from afar, it is very hard to tell whether they’re may be queer or not. Here are tips to tell if your crush is really gay:

They behave in a feminine way

Even though others would argue that some straight guys often act in a feminine way, this is a telltale sign to know if they are gay or not. This should be the first thing to watch out on your list. Though this may not indicate directly that your crush is gay, you should be wary of their behaviour if they warrant the suspicion or not. Are they into cosmetics, fashion or beauty than sports? Do they have same mannerisms that only girls show? Do they shriek in a high-pitched voice over something mundane?

They give extra attention to men

He prefer to spend time with men
He prefer to spend time with men

Another telltale sign that your crush is gay is when they give extra attention to men in general. They talk about them a lot, and they seldom talk about women’s looks aside from their fashion and wardrobe. Often times they stare at men a little longer than women, and stutter at the sight of handsome men. They also talk funny when talking with men, and when they leave, they immediately compliment everything about the guy they talked with. Often times this alone is a sure indicator of whether or not your crush is gay.

Abstaining from physical contact

A guy that abstains from intimate physical contact from the opposite sex may not be wrong, but it can be a sure sign that that guy is gay. If they don’t have a girlfriend or someone they admire and they are horrified at being flirted by women, then there must be something fishy about their sexuality. If they are not religious, then a simple physical contact from the opposite sex should not be disturbing at all. They also abstain from talking about any intimate physical contact with women.


His personal background and profile

One sure way of determining whether your crush is gay is his personal background and profile. You can do this by stalking his Facebook or Myspace Profile and see whether his lifestyle points toward the feminine side. You can also ask your common friends about their opinion. If they are not quite sure about your crush’s sexuality, then you must dig more. Does he have more male friends than female friends? Are they more interested in the lifestyles of famous celebrity women rather than the latest NBA game?

Look to his background & online profiles
Look to his background & online profiles

It may be too late for you to know if your crush is gay, but it is helpful to be mindful that not everyone you may like is straight. Although you realize that your crush might be gay, you should always be on the lookout for the next guy you like if they too are looking for men to be with.

Popular Detox Diet Plans

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Healthy detox diet
Healthy detox diet
For some, detox diet plan is a plan to get rid of toxins from the body. While this may be technically correct, there is more to detoxifying especially when it involves the human body. Detoxifying also means cutting yourself from your normal diet which might be loaded with “toxins” which can include processed food, artificial sweetener, too much sugar and harmful fat. A girl for example is used to drinking seven cans of softdrinks for a week and by detoxifying she wants to decrease the number of cans or having none at all. Detox diet plan therefore is both a refraining and filling up diet plan. Refraining from your old habits and filling on healthier food options.

Refrain from artificial sugar

Healthy drinks to detox your body
Healthy drinks to detox your body
You should be careful on having a diet which contains artificial sweeteners. Regular consumption of artificial sweeteners such as aspartame can actually lead to weight gain. Aspartame is often used in diet sodas. When you consume artificial sweeteners, it actually triggers the body to crave more sugar and sweets. Instead of having artificial sweeteners, you can have natural sweeteners such as coconut crystals.

Refrain from skipping meals

Eat a roast beef steak
Eat a roast beef steak
For many people, eating is actually a sin in itself and so they skip meals in the hope of losing weight quickly. Experts have found out that skipping meals is actually depriving the body of important minerals and vitamins. Instead of losing weight, you trigger the body to crave more food and you end up consuming more than your normal meal on your next eating session. Instead of skipping meals, eat regularly but this time on healthier options like yogurt and easy to prepare snacks.

Fill up on vegetables

Fill up on vegetables and detox your body
Fill up on vegetables and detox your body
Instead of having unhealthy meals, you must fill up on vegetables for you to detoxify. For example, if you are fond of eating chicken sandwich, you can modify it to make a chicken vegetable salad minus of course the chicken skin and unhealthy body parts. Vegetables are fibrous and have complex carbohydrates at the same time. Fiber can help you get rid of toxins in the body while the complex carbohydrates are not easily digested making you feel fuller for a longer period of time.

Fill up on lean meat

The point of having lean meat is to keep away from fats that are harmful to the body. Consumption of too many fats can lead to obesity and higher chances of having cardiovascular diseases. Fats are actually harmful because they are hard to digest and the body stores them for later use. When you don’t exercise, more and more fats will be stored up to arteries which will eventually clog up and cause hypertension and heart attacks. Lean meat have protein which is used in repairing muscle tissues and for having good bone structure.


Detoxifying not only means getting rid of harmful toxins but also to get yourself away from harmful diet patterns that could be harmful to you. Detoxifying is actually a transition period before the actual weight loss programs is executed. Detoxifying there can spell the success of your weight loss program.

What A Systematic Investment Plan Can Do For You

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Making the decision to invest
Making the decision to invest
Investing your money at something worthwhile will surely return a great deal. However, if it doesn’t work out for you, then you’ll end up on the losing side and eventually, at nothing. You first need to evaluate your options and be patient before in engaging in something that’s very complex and complicated to figure out. Act when the time is right.

For the meantime, you can still get the way of things right by following a systematic investment plan. It is a process where an investor will invest his money into an account or a mutual fund that is consistently done on a regular basis at exactly the same period including the day, month, and year, and so on.

The concept is quite confusing for upstarts. However, it breathes a lot of opportunity given the right way of doing things. Its advantages will surely lead you to the right path and your money to where it should be as a good investment.

Lowers average cost per share

The right investment plan
The right investment plan
Following a systematic investment plan allows you to purchase a share at the lowest possible cost. This means that you acquire something of worth and value yet you got it for less the actual price.

Because of the consistent toll you have to pay at the exact date from which you got the plan; you’ve become eligible to purchase an investment depending on the amount you brought in. The lower the price, the more shares you can buy. On the other, the higher the price, the fewer shares you can buy. Either way, it’s a win for because you gained something in return.

Removes emotions of doubt on investment decisions

It is always a difficult decision when so much is at stake. You cannot make a hasty or doubtful decision when substantial amounts of money are at the table. You can either win if you’re lucky or fall in ruin.

Following a systematic investment plan will set your mind straight to become patient as much as possible. The plan will tell when the right time to invest is and if the return surely outweighs what you gave at first.

Building and growing a great investment

Build a fortune
Start building your fortune
The plan will give the decision on your behalf on which investments provides you with the biggest opportunity to grow and continue to build a fortune. All you need to do is go along with and ride it out until it brings you to your desires.

Investing on something is a hard thing to do. You can always seek for assistance or ways to make it easier for you and not make any drastic measures or hasty and doubtful decisions that could lead to your financial downfall.

How To Choose The Right Network Marketing Company

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Choose the right Network Marketing Company
Choose the right Network Marketing Company
Network marketing has seen surprising growth in last few years. Some say this is because more and more people are looking at alternative sources of income especially at the time of recession. With the unemployment at all time high, people are evaluating business options that they can start with low capital. Network marketing allows people to become distributors and start home based business by becoming consumers of the company and thus there is no investment. However, there are more than 500 brands plying in the industry, which has made the decision for some people difficult. So how do you choose the right company? Just look at these parameters to judge a right company

Tenure of the company

Experts say that most network marketing companies fail within first 5 years of their operation and if the company is more than 10 years old, you can almost be assured that it has a sound business model that is fool proof.

Products and services offered by the company

Make sure to innovate
Make sure to innovate
The products should not be a fad that will become obsolete in a few years. They should answer to the specific needs of the people. Moreover, is the company constantly coming up with new products and services or are they just relying on one or two main products and services as repeat sale is an integral part of a sound network marketing company. Most importantly, would you want to talk about the products or services offered by the company.

Is the compensation model fair and profitable?

There are various types of compensation model available today. The most profitable ones are hybrid and binary. Check if the compensation model is not position based but performance based. Secondly, the liquidity model is fool proof and the company is not paying out more than what it should get at any level.

Commissions on products or members?

Check if you are getting commissions on introducing new members or is it on the sale of the product or service. If it is on introducing new members, then it is a pyramiding scheme, which is illegal. Also, a legitimate company allows you to earn money without introducing new members also.

Credibility of the company

Check for the track record of the company. Their legalities and associations speak a lot for them. Have they been involved in any illegal activity as per the court of law in any jurisdictions?

Training program for the distributors

Search the company's training programs for employees
Search the company’s training programs for employees
A sound network marketing company will always have an efficient training program. Training program makes or breaks a company. This is because distributors in the network marketing company are not trained professionals and they need to be trained on the product and services of the company. Is the company investing constantly into training of its distributors?

If the company you are evaluating, ticks on all of the above points then you can be rest assured that it is a good company. Lastly, network marketing is more about trust. Ask yourself if you can trust the person who is introducing you into the business. If the answer is yes, then go for it.